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  • linkSitting and listening - (Graduate teachers)

    Sitting and listening

    A preservice teacher recognises that she must use a range of teaching strategies to respond to the age and learning characteristics of her students She plans her lesson in short spans to take account...

  • linkThe gingerbread man - (Graduate teachers)

    The gingerbread man

    Two lessons, within a wider literacy unit on literary recounts, are taught by a preservice teacher In the first lesson, the teacher requires the students to listen and comprehend while she models a r...

  • linkEnergy efficiency - (Proficient teachers)

    Energy efficiency

    A teacher uses a range of investigations to engage students in an exploration of electricity within the context of a strong sustainability framework The students begin by examining a solar cell and u...

  • linkThe particle model - (Graduate teachers)

    The particle model

    Two graduate teachers collaboratively teach a lesson on the interaction of particles in solids, liquids and gases They encourage students to take on leadership roles in class through a roleplay activ...

  • linkAnimating the particle model - (Lead teachers)

    Animating the particle model

    A lead teacher and University education specialist discuss the implementation of a program between the school and the University to support the development of graduate teachers in delivering a scienc...

  • linkThe first few weeks - (Graduate teachers)

    The first few weeks

    A graduate teacher, in her second week at a school, uses a number of strategies to ensure student participation and engagement She describes the strategies she has used to get to know her students an...

  • linkUsing money - (Proficient teachers)

    Using money

    A primary school teacher demonstrates how she selects and uses content and resources that provide connections with studentsrsquo; prior knowledge or experiences in using money

  • linkICT for learning - (Highly Accomplished teachers)

    ICT for learning

    Here the teacher describes how she improves teaching and learning practices across learning areas through the use of Information and Communication Technology ICT Rather than work with all teachers in...

  • linkConsolidating learning goals - (Proficient teachers)

    Consolidating learning goals

    Here the teacher builds in time for selfevaluation to consolidate studentsrsquo; learning and to establish what is required for future progress He asks students to reflect on what they have done well...

  • linkExploring the world - (Proficient teachers)

    Exploring the world

    The teacher explores seemingly contradictory issues relating to student safety when describing how she supports students and teachers who use the Rona Glynn Bush Preschool This learning environment a...

  • linkSafe use of electrical appliances - (Proficient teachers)

    Safe use of electrical appliances

    The teacher uses questioning and demonstration to explore with her students in a year 6 science lesson the safe use of electrical appliances She focuses discussion on practical issues relevant to her...

  • linkBackward design - (Proficient teachers)

    Backward design

    A grade 4 teacher attempts to find the right balance between allowing her students to follow their own interests in the learning process and in actively directing learning to ensure that learning goa...

  • linkCritical analysis techniques - (Proficient teachers)

    Critical analysis techniques

    A teacher delivers a lesson on critical reading strategies to her peers She links these strategies to the critical literacy skills required of academic study In presenting her lesson, she provides ex...

  • linkImproving professional practice - (Proficient teachers)

    Improving professional practice

    The teacher believes selfreflection is fundamental to learning; for teachers as well as for students Having set professional goals that were personally challenging at the beginning of the year, the t...

  • linkFieldwork techniques - (Highly Accomplished teachers)

    Fieldwork techniques

    Here a specialist fieldwork teacher in an environmental education centre demonstrates to his peers how the cross curriculum Sustainability priority can be applied to the Mathematics Year 8 curriculum...

  • linkSentence structure - (Proficient teachers)

    Sentence structure

    A classroom teacher models teaching strategies to a colleague that she uses in a year one literacy lesson that aims to address the individual learning needs of her students The lesson is based on imp...

  • linkDreaming stories - (Proficient teachers)

    Dreaming stories

    A year 4 classroom teacher uses an Aboriginal dreaming story to engage Indigenous and nonIndigenous students in her class She connects parts of the story through questioning to the studentsrsquo; wor...

  • linkIndividualising student learning - (Lead teachers)

    Individualising student learning

    The head of languages has led colleagues to identify and select appropriate teaching strategies to foster studentsrsquo; achievements in learning languages and cultures, in particular through the inn...

  • linkPalindromic numbers - (Proficient teachers)

    Palindromic numbers

    In a grade 6 mathematics class a teacher plans for, delivers and reflects on a lesson focusing on Number and Algebra In planning the lesson, she articulates a preference for using openended problemso...

  • linkThe challenge of the new - (Highly Accomplished teachers)

    The challenge of the new

    The teacher is a mathematics director in a newly built school in the ACT He is responsible for supporting a number of colleagues who range from beginning teachers to those who are highly experienced ...