Initial Teacher Education

Primary Specialisation

The TEMAG report recommended that all initial teacher education primary graduates be equipped with a subject specialisation, with priority given to science, maths or languages.

What have we done?

The revised Standards and Procedures will require all graduates of primary teaching programs to have a specialisation.

Pre-service teachers will be prepared to teach across the breadth of the primary curriculum. In addition, each pre-service teacher will develop advanced skills and knowledge in one chosen subject area.

Find out more: see Standard 4.4 in the revised Standards and Procedures (280KB PDF)

What's next?

In 2016 AITSL will work with key stakeholders, including subject associations, to describe the expectations of graduates in areas of subject specialisation, beginning with the priority areas of science, maths and languages.

Why a focus on primary specialisation?

TEMAG considered evidence suggesting that primary teachers lack confidence in teaching maths and science; a factor that potentially contributes to declining student engagement and take up. In relation to languages, TEMAG heard evidence that there were few opportunities for primary initial teacher education students undertake programs that would qualify them as language teachers. 

What will the outcome be?

We anticipate that graduate primary teachers having specialist knowledge will contribute to improved outcomes for students, including better engagement and confidence in targeted subjects, leading to increased take-up of these subjects in senior years.