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Please note: Content found in the Teaching Australia Archive section is archival material and is not representative of AITSL's current work.

An inquiry kit for university_school partnerships 519KB PDF

Conceptualising a voluntary certification system for highly accomplished teachers 1.3MB PDF

Effective and Sustainable University-School Partnerships 2.17MB PDF

Evaluation of the Leading Australia's Schools Program 360KB PDF

Feasibility study - Establishing a national centre for pedagogy 959KB PDF

Leadership and Learning with ICT - Voices from the Profession 575KB PDF

Professional Learning Using the Mathematical Standards 331KB PDF

Professional Teaching Associations and Professional Standards - embedding standards in the 'discourse of the profession' 597KB PDF

Quality Teaching and School Leadership - A Scan of Research Findings 432KB PDF

School Leadership Standards: developments in Australia 222KB PDF

Standards for accomplished teachers and principals-a foundation for public confidence and respect 645KB PDF

Standards for Advanced Teaching - A Review of National and International Developments 490KB PDF

Standards for School Leadership - A Critical Review of Literature 1.15MB PDF

Teacher Education Accreditation - A Review of National and International Trends and Practices 479KB PDF

Teaching and Leading for Quality Australian Schools 850KB PDF

The Case for Establishing a National Centre for Pedagogy 89KB PDF

Third Supporting Paper - Lit review Leading Australia's Schools Evaluation 187KB PDF