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Here, the graduate teacher reflects on her use and adaptation of a professional learning resource for teaching a grid reference system in mathematics, when preparing for, and reflecting on her teaching of students at St Aloysius' School. She outlines those aspects of the resource she finds particularly beneficial. These include: standards for graduate teachers to meet, planning advice, and recommendations about pedagogical approaches, including ICT.

Standard 6
Engage in professional learning
Focus area 6.1
Identify and plan professional learning needs
Career stage
Demonstrate an understanding of the role of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers in identifying professional learning needs.
  1. Have you consulted the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers to identify your professional learning needs?
  2. Do you think the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers would assist you to plan, implement and reflect on your teaching?
  3. In what ways would the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers assist you to prepare a professional portfolio?
Learning area
Year level
Year 5
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St Aloysius' School
Year level
Year 5
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Non Government
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This is an extract from a longer video, which includes footage of the lesson and an extended interview with the graduate teacher. The teacher used, adapted and reflected on the usefulness of a pre-prepared professional learning package for the teaching of maps and grids. In the classroom, the graduate teacher was able to test the usefulness of the package, benefitting from its advice about questioning techniques when forward planning. Its recommendations about preparing to be flexible were also useful to her when responding to learner needs. 

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