Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

Teaching the Asia priority through the novel

About this Illustration of Practice

The teacher is an English Literature teacher. In this illustration she leads a lesson based on the novel Chinese Cinderella. The lesson is part of larger unit of work about autobiography and life writing. The teacher asks the students to consider the concepts of time, place and culture in the novel, and how they compare to the students’ own lives. The teacher demonstrates an understanding of the inquiry learning process in questioning students to consolidate their learnings about the novel.

The teacher aims for her students to: “learn that stories of Asia are just as important as stories of Australia, the US and Europe and to feel connected to stories of Asia so that they are interested in their cultures, peoples, beliefs and religions.”

Standard 2
Know the content and how to teach it
Focus area 2.1
Content and teaching strategies of the teaching area
Career stage
Apply knowledge of the content and teaching strategies of the teaching area to develop engaging teaching activities.
Other descriptors
Standard 3
Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning
Focus area 3.4
Select and use resources
Career stage
Select and/or create and use a range of resources, including ICT, to engage students in their learning.
  1. Why is it important for your students to learn about the countries of Asia in your subject?
  2. What do you want your students to learn from your teaching of studies of Asia in your subject?
  3. How do you know when they have learned it?
  4. What knowledge, skills and qualities does an Asia literate (capable) student need?
St Mary’s College (K-12)
Year level
Year 7
Related subject
Stage of schooling
School type
Non Government
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The teacher has taught for three years and has a doctorate in English literature. She is very confident teaching English literature content; however, she is less confident teaching about Asia due to limited experience in this content area. While the teacher is a capable teacher, she is not “connected” to Asia and she is unfamiliar with texts from or about the countries of Asia.

St Mary’s College is a Catholic school in Hobart, it was founded in 1868 and provides a K-12 education for girls (K-2 for boys). The school is currently implementing the Australian Curriculum subjects: English, History, Mathematics, Science and Geography including the three cross-curriculum priorities. This illustration focused on Jane’s first foray into the Asia priority. St Mary’s College is formally implementing the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers through its Professional Review process.

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