Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher Network

Frequently asked questions

Who can join the Network and what does it cost?

All teachers nationally certified as Highly Accomplished or Lead are invited to join the Network, and there is no membership fee.

If you are unsure of your national certification status please contact your local certifying authority.


How do I join?

If you have been certified as a Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, please visit haltnetwork.net to register your information to join the HALT Network.


What will the Network do?

The Network will focus on advancing teacher quality across Australia to improve student learning outcomes for all young people.

To achieve this, the Network will initially focus on the following priorities:

  • raising the profile of, and promoting the value of certification
  • increasing the number of nationally certified teachers
  • supporting the induction of beginning teachers to the profession, and
  • showcasing and sharing high quality teaching to inspire other teachers to progress to the Highly Accomplished or Lead career stages.

The HALT Network is a new initiative, and AITSL acknowledges that as members take ownership of the Network, the focus and priorities may change.


How will I connect with and meet other members?

AITSL officially launched the Network at the inaugural Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher Summit on 11 and 12 March 2016 in Adelaide. This was the first opportunity for the Network to meet face-to-face and marked the beginning of the journey as AITSL works with members to shape and grow the Network.

In the coming months, AITSL will provide further advice about how members can connect using social media.


Why has AITSL established the Network?

Nationally certified teachers are by definition expert practitioners. Achieving national certification is a significant accomplishment involving a rigorous and robust assessment of evidence of practice. Through this process, certified teachers demonstrate their impact on colleagues and students and develop a deep understanding of their own practice along with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

Therefore, AITSL sees tremendous opportunity in establishing the Network to not only leverage and learn from this expertise, but also to recognise the accomplishment of achieving certification and provide opportunities for certified teachers to further develop.


What is AITSL's role in the Network?

AITSL will:

  • establish the Network and invite members
  • promote the Network and its activities
  • facilitate opportunities for learning, sharing, and collaboration between members
  • bring members together annually for the Network Summit


Will the Network provide me with opportunities for professional growth?

Yes, the Network is intended to provide members with both formal and informal opportunities for professional growth. As AITSL works with members to develop the Network, these opportunities will take shape and allow for collaboration and sharing between members.


Did AITSL consult with teachers to develop the Network?

Yes, AITSL worked with a steering group of eleven nationally certified teachers from across Australia to shape the Network and Summit. The group met face-to-face in Melbourne in September 2015 to collaboratively develop a plan for the Network and design the Summit program. Input from this group, as well as from the certifying authorities has been fundamental to informing both initiatives and we anticipate ongoing involvement of both members and the certifying authorities as the Network grows.


How do I get in touch regarding the Network?

Please email haltnetwork@aitsl.edu.au .