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Impacting the Profession

Building on the input from the 2016 HALT Summit, AITSL has been working with the HALT Network Steering Group to shape future Network initiatives and actions, including the annual Summit.

These are set out in the new Network Action Plan, which has been guided by the HALT Network Steering Group, as well as input from certifying authorities. 

Thank you to Network members for the input provided to shape this plan. We welcome the ongoing engagement of Network members in these actions. 



Expertise Matters - The HALT Network Newsletter

National Certified Teacher Month- March 2017

We are pleased to announce that March 2017 has been identified as a time to recognise, promote and honour the impact of great teaching across Australia.

All students deserve the best teaching because among school related factors, teachers have the greatest impact on student performance. Therefore it is vital that as a community we recognise, promote and support quality teaching in order to improve outcomes for all students. 

The resource below, Recognising the impact of great teaching- National certified teacher month champion toolkit, has been developed as a partnership between AITSL, the HALT Network and certifying authorities to support the first national certified teacher month. The toolkit includes resources to promote impactful teaching and encourage the sharing of great practice.


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