Induction case studies

Induction case studies

Six case studies profile how schools from a variety of contexts across Australia are implementing principles and strategies of the Graduate to Proficient: Australian guidelines for teacher induction into the profession​. Documents supplied by a number of these schools provide further scaffolding for adopting these strategies. 

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    Another example of induction

    Southern Graduate Network

    The Southern Graduate Network comprises over 110 primary teaching graduates in their first three years of teaching, from the southern region of the Archdiocese of Melbourne. The network is led by an executive team of graduates, and facilitated by Catholic Education Melbourne (CEM). The role of the executive is to identify the professional learning needs of the graduates, and feed these back to CEM. The executive reflect on what they needed as beginning teachers; draw on the current priorities of CEM; and respond to member feedback in planning professional learning.

    A network for beginning teachers - summary