Initial Teacher Education

AITSL commissioned research

AITSL has commissioned a number of research pieces to uncover current induction practices occurring nationally and internationally in both education and non-education settings.

Teacher Induction Annotated Bibliography

The Annotated Bibliography focuses on induction policies and practices, mainly in education settings. It contains summaries of research exploring:

  • the purpose of induction
  • induction on a continuum of professional learning
  • induction strategies and structures
  • embedding induction in a learning culture
  • induction roles and responsibilities
  • the role of context
  • evaluation of induction programs.

Induction Annotated Bibliography

Induction annotated bibliography 214KB PDF

Induction Environment Scan

Induction Environment Scan - ReportDeloitte were commissioned to examine induction activity across a range of organisations, sectors and jurisdictions.

Environment scan - Report 695KB PDF

World VisionThe environment scan case studies showcase different ways induction occurs in education and non-education settings.

Environment scan - Case Studies 865KB PDF

Innovative Case Studies

Induction Innovative Case Studies - NarrativeSee what innovative induction practices look like at six organisations in Australia and internationally.

Innovative case studies - Narrative 1.2MB PDF

Induction Innovative Case Studies - VisualFor a quick overview of the case studies download the graphic version.

Innovative case studies - Visual 6.2MB PDF

The Hay Group Report

The Hay Group were commissioned to provide a report into best practices in education relating to induction of beginning teachers.
Building the right foundation
Building the right foundation Improving Teacher Induction in Australian Schools 2MB PDF

Induction round table - Becoming a professional practitioner

AITSL convened an induction round table on 21 February 2014 to bring together educators, researchers and system leaders working in the area of induction of beginning teachers into the profession. The proceedings of the day (221KB PDF) give a summary of key discussion points and findings.

The following research was showcased on the day:

  • Marie Cameron, 2009, Lessons from Beginning Teachers: Challenges for School Leaders, New Zealand Council for Educational Research
  • Bruce Johnson et al., 2012, Early Career Teachers: Stories of Resilience, University of South Australia
  • Queensland College of Teachers, 2013, Attrition of Recent Queensland Graduate Teachers.

Executive summaries of research 1.8MB PDF

Research presentations 2.8MB PDF

Research presentation videos