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2014 articles

 The Australian 

 November  Boost tertiary courses to improve teaching quality 43KB PDF  
   Teacher training programs revalued 50KB PDF  

 Australian Teacher Magazine

 March   Teacher Toolkit 417KB PDF    
 June  My standards app 754KB PDF  
 Want to be an even better educator? 460KB PDF

 Education Review

 They need to love the act of learning 493KB PDF
   International learning offering 94KB PDF

 This article was also published in the February edition of the Australian Educator, Australian  Teacher Magazine, Independence Journal, Leadership in Focus and Principal Matters magazines.
 What does it look like to improve your classroom practice? 803KB PDF 

 New Research in Professional Learning and Performance and Development 257KB PDF
 Looking for resources to support improved teaching practice 1.6MB PDF
 November  Improving your practice through effective Performance and Development. 171KB PDF

Independence Journal

  May  Essential guide 278KB PDF  
   This article was also published in the March and November editions of the Education Review.
   360 reflection tool 246KB PDF