Professional Growth

Learning from practice - workbook series

The Learning from practice workbook series is designed to encourage teachers to continually reflect on their practice. It is intended that these workbooks guide teachers’ self-reflection, self-inquiry and discussion with colleagues as well as supporting local performance and development processes.

This series can be used individually, or as stimulus for discussion with colleagues. Each PDF is editable and responses can be typed directly into the document when prompted.

Learning from practice - the complete set

ContainLFP combined workbooks all Learning from practice workbooks in an easily downloadable PDF. It combines Working with the Standards, Developing a professional mindset, Demonstrating impact and Recognising exemplary teachers. For further detail on the content of each workbook please read the individual explanations below. 

Workbook - Learning from practice 2.7MB PDF

Working with the Standards

Working with the StandardsThis workbook, ‘Working with the Standards’, enables you to engage at a deeper level with all career stages of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (the Standards). It allows you to further understand how the Standards can help you grow and develop as a professional, and encourages you to make connections with different aspects of your work.

Learn why the Standards were developed, how they are organised, what they are really saying and how they can make a difference to you as a professional and the outcomes of your students.

Supporting your colleagues is an integral component of your role as an education professional. Using this workbook in a variety of situations including mentoring, supervising and leading others will enable you to help both yourself and your colleagues grow as professionals. After working through ‘Working with the Standards’ you may find new ways of identifying your current and developing capabilities, your future professional aspirations and your achievements.

Workbook - Working with the Standards 676KB PDF

Developing a professional mindset

Developing a professional mindsetThe ‘Developing a professional mindset’ workbook encourages you to continue to grow as a professional in order to improve the outcomes for your students.

To effectively reflect on your practice is a learned skill and the key to continual improvement. You can establish a mindset of reflection through exploration of your teaching philosophy, your roles within and outside the classroom and developing trusted relationships with colleagues.

The journey through this workbook will assist you to receive feedback on your practice and improve and develop effective relationships with colleagues.

Workbook - Developing a professional mindset 524KB PDF

Demonstrating impact

demonstrating_impactEvidencing your practice is an ongoing aspect of a teacher’s career. This begins with the transition from provisional to full registration and continues through your performance and development processes and the maintenance of your full registration.

The ‘Demonstrating impact’ workbook provides guidance around evidencing your practice by exploring characteristics of quality evidence and types of evidence you could draw upon.

Collecting evidence provides stimulus for reflecting on your practice, analysing your impact on student outcomes and colleagues’ practice and identifying professional learning needs in order to improve your practice. This is relevant to teachers who are working towards full registration, beginning teachers in their induction phase, and for performance and development processes.

Workbook - Demonstrating impact 463KB PDF

Recognising exemplary teachers

Recognising exemplary teachersThis workbook, ‘Recognising exemplary teachers’, provides information about Certification of Highly Accomplished and Lead Teachers in Australia, a process recognising achievement against these two levels of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (the Standards).

Working in conjunction with the Guide to Certification of Highly Accomplished and Lead Teachers in Australia (Guide to Certification), the workbook explains how undertaking certification can benefit you and provides information about what the process involves. Guiding questions are included to assist you in formulating an application for certification.

Workbook - Recognising exemplary teachers - extended 1.1MB PDF