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The 3-year evaluation of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (the Standards) commenced in March 2013 and will conclude in December 2015.

The evaluation of the implementation of the Teacher Standards is a significant step towards continuously improving teacher quality to ensure the best educational outcomes for all young Australians.

AITSL has engaged the University of Melbourne and their partner, the Australian College of Educators to design, develop and deliver the process and impact evaluation. The expert team includes Associate Professor Janet Clinton, Professor Stephen Dinham, and Professor Robert Lingard.

The purpose of the evaluation is to determine the:

  • usefulness
  • effectiveness of implementation
  • impact of the Standards on improving teacher quality.

The outcomes of the evaluation will contribute to building teacher quality in Australian schools by:

  • informing the ongoing work of teachers, principals, employers, other key stakeholders and AITSL to support the effective and sustainable implementation and application of the Teacher Standards
  • demonstrating the uptake and outcomes of a national standards-referenced approach to students, teachers, schools and state and territory educational organisations and the broader community
  • enhancing the awareness of and engagement with the Teacher Standards at an individual, school, community, jurisdictional, national and international level.

Invitations to contribute at key stages and phases will be made throughout the evaluation.

This project was funded by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership Limited (AITSL) with funding provided by the Australian Government

PDF_Small  The Evaluation of the Implementation of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers - Possible Conflict of Interest 66KB PDF

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Evaluation framework

The following diagram represents the evaluation framework that will be used by the University of Melbourne evaluation team. The framework has been adapted from the Centres for Disease Control & Prevention Framework. As you can see from the circular arrows in the middle of the diagram, the evaluation intends to be formative and provide continuous and ongoing opportunities for consultation throughout the 3-years of the evaluation.

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University of Melbourne Evaluation Team



Personnel from the Centre for Program Evaluation (CPE), situated within the Melbourne Graduate School of Education at the University of Melbourne, in partnership with the Australian College of Educators (ACE) will undertake the evaluation.


The nominated personnel are:

Personnel Organisation Role
Associate Professor Janet Clinton CPE Chief Investigator
Professor Stephen Dinham MGSE Chair Education Expert Team
Professor Robert Lingard ACE Academic Expert
Dr Amy Gullickson CPE Principal Investigator
Dr Glenn Savage MGSE Principal Investigator
Dr. Gerard Calnin CPE Academic
Anna Dabrowski MGSE Project Manager
Ruth Aston MGSE            Research Fellow

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