Research and Evaluation

Expert talk playlists

  1. fb_media_local_leadership14 Videos

    School Leadership

    Leadership not only matters, it is second only to teaching among school-related factors in its impact on student learning. In this playlist, we hear from various experts in educational research about how school leaders can maximise their impact and grow both their teachers and students.

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    Innovation Grants

    The Innovation Grants project sought to investigate innovative approaches to professional learning and performance and development. 16 groups across Australia took part in the project, and eight key characteristics of effective performance and development and professional learning were identified. The findings are intended to be a catalyst for educators to reflect on existing practices. This playlist comprises videos that examine the key characteristics including examples of the groups that feature those characteristics.

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    Framework Support materials

    Performance and development is about creating a culture of teacher quality, feedback and growth for all teachers within all schools. The Australian Teacher Performance and Development Framework was developed by AITSL to encourage such a culture in Australian schools. This playlist includes videos that were created to guide the development and implementation of the Framework.

  1. fb_media_professional_learning13 Videos

    Professional Learning

    Supporting and promoting teacher and school leader professional learning is essential to the nation’s efforts to drive equity and excellence for all young Australians. In this playlist, we interview leading education thinkers about optimising the professional learning of educators to ensure that our students are successful learners, confident and creative individuals and active and informed citizens.

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    Learning Frontiers

    Learning Frontiers is a collaborative initiative created to transform teaching and learning so that every student succeeds in an education worth having. The project brings together clusters of schools and other interested parties – ‘design hubs’ – to explore professional practices that increase student engagement in learning. The videos in this playlist outline some of the research and evidence that drives the Learning Frontiers Initiative.

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    Induction Round table

    AITSL convened an induction round table on 21 February 2014 to bring together educators, researchers and system leaders working in the area of induction of beginning teachers into the profession. This playlist is comprised of the presentations that were delivered at the roundtable.