Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

Frequently asked questions about the School Leadership eCollection (SLeC)


+ What will I find in the SLeC?

The SLeC has features citations of recognised and credible school leadership research and evidence, such as peer reviewed articles, books, conference proceedings, government reports, policy papers, multimedia and websites of interest.  

+ Does it cost anything to use the SLeC?

No. You can use all of the features of the SLeC at no cost. Not all of the content featured in the SLeC
is in the public domain however. Some of it is licensed by the publisher and is only available via a subscription, on a ‘pay per view’ basis or through a library service. In these cases the SLeC will link you to further information on how you can obtain the full text via another source.

+ How can I access licensed content?

This can generally be accessed via a library service or by purchasing the content directly from the publisher. Many employers and professional associations will negotiate library membership on behalf of their employees / members. You can also check with your local council library to see if they offer a document delivery service for their community.

+ Can I avoid licensed content when I use the SLeC?

Yes. When you conduct a search in the SLeC you have the option to limit your results to ‘Free content only’ via a check box. There is also a visual indicator on each record, with the unlicensed content being tagged with ‘Licence: Freely available’.


+ How does AITSL decide which material to include on the SLeC?

Resources for the Leadership Research repository are sourced from high-quality Australian and international journals, books, databases and websites in the field of educational leadership. A wide range of relevant items are included to reflect the full scope of research in the field and all content is reviewed for relevance and appropriateness prior to being published in the SLeC.

+ How frequently will the SLeC be updated?

The SLeC will be monitored and updated monthly.

+ How can I find out when new resources are added to the repository?

A green NEW icon appears next to resource titles for four weeks from the date they were uploaded to the SLeC. You can restrict your search to new items by checking the ‘New content only’ box on the specific search page.